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Forrester Whitepaper

As companies expand, they inevitably face challenges with how to best manage their growing volume of business data and content, while at the same time ensuring they have capacity for continued expansion. In large enterprises especially, business silos create major challenges for companies trying to make the most out of their storage capacity through optimization of current infrastructure. These challenges, among others, commonly prevent businesses from creating improved storage infrastructure that provides better integration, scalability, and flexibility for their business.

In January 2015, Hedvig commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the growing need for flexible and dynamic storage systems within enterprise companies in the US. This study of IT managers involved with storage infrastructure decisions looks at how companies are currently investing in and making infrastructure decisions, and explores the needs and expectations for new storage infrastructure implementations to meet changing business demands.

Download the full paper to read Forrester’s analysis on how to maximize your investment in software-defined storage.